Three Types Of Blogs You Should Consider Starting

Looking to start a blog?

Congratulations! You are one amongst many hundreds of thousands of people, even millions, who have thought of doing the same – today. 

Yes, blogging itself is not a unique idea of Digital Marketing. Many people think of starting their own blog every day. The idea crosses the mind, teases a future of excitement and potential, and quickly fades away. Of the many hundreds of thousands, only a handful actually start a blog and even fewer end up being good at it.

If you have taken the irrevocable decision to start a blog and finally cross the Rubicon, good. The first step is complete. The next step is the one where the possibility of a mistake is much higher. The next step is to choose a blog.

 Choose a Niche You Like

The most important thing one should remember while choosing a niche for a blog is venturing into a topic which the blogger likes in the first place.

Choosing a niche based on data and audience interest is good, but one should not sacrifice his/her passion or interest.

To take a blog to the next level, bloggers have to write a lot of content. Writing a lot of content on a topic a blogger doesn’t feel passionate about is impossible. To add to the problem, the quality of the content is also likely to drop off if the blogger has no interest in the subject. or you can hire a company like Megri Outreach which can help to provide you well-written content with the specific or niche blog you required. And their manual Blogger Outreach services to locate, interact with, and approach bloggers


Types of Blogs

There are many types of blogs a blogger can start. Some get very high traffic but have high competition. Others get low traffic but have little to no competition for high SERPs. Bloggers must choose which niche they’re ready to tackle.

We will discuss some important types of blogs for bloggers to note –

  • Cooking/Recipe Oriented Blogs

The culinary niche has been trending a lot lately. As millennials migrate and leave their families behind, they need to learn how to cook or order food from outside all the time.

This makes way for cooking blogs to become an important niche in blogging. With the right blog setup and interface, a blogger with good knowledge of cooking and reasonable writing skills can get heavy traffic. Due to the many numbers of variations and styles in cooking, there is plenty of room for a lot of content in this domain.

  • Pet-Based Blog

Families of many countries are beginning to welcome house pets into their homes. The engagement of audiences on pet-related content on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter shows that the popularity of the field is growing.

This offers an interesting opportunity for bloggers. Since the niche is still developing in many countries, bloggers can realistically create a popular blog covering pets.

  • Affiliate Blogs

While there may be heavy competition in the affiliate blog-space, one cannot help but see the massive returns and value of a successful affiliate blog.

If done well, an affiliate blog dedicated to persuading visitors to buy certain products and services can help grow the income of a blogger many times over. In order to run a successful affiliate blog, a blogger must be well-versed in digital marketing techniques such as SEO, paid search, social media, and any other field that can bring in traffic.

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