Understand White Hat SEO Tactics To Scale Up Your Business Gradually

The tactics used to obtain ranking in the search engines look simple from the outside. However, when we dig in deep without sufficient knowledge of which tactics are approved and which ones are condemned by Google, we are setting ourselves up for failure in the long term. 

There is a fine line between various SEO techniques that could determine the future success of your website. Without even knowing, you could be applying the wrong SEO techniques that could seem successful in the first go, but result in sudden blacklisting of your website by Google. This also means that overnight the traffic on your website would go from 100 to 0. 

Such techniques fall under the black hat category. Knowing the subtle differences between these 3 important SEO techniques is the first step that can help you in climbing the ladder of success in the world of search engines. 

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White Hat SEO and its features?

It refers to using ethical and approved SEO practices. It focuses on long-term results by generating organic website traffic. Some of the main features of the White hat SEO technique are:

  • Strict adherence to Google guidelines that are set by the webmaster so that ranking in the search engine is obtained by ethical means. 
  • Uses of high-quality content and good loading speed are some examples of SEO practices that are set up with the sole goal of making browsing easy for the visitor of your website. 
  • It is a work-intensive strategy that requires you to put in genuine efforts and generate organic ranking by taking calculated steps. Therefore, it is a strategy that shows results after a long-time of good-quality inputs from your end. 
  • Making your website and its content easily readable even on a mobile interface.
  • Providing good internal linking and highlighting important pages is also a part of the white hat strategy.

Black Hat SEO and its features

Black hat is the exact opposite of white hat and uses manipulative techniques to get higher searching faster and by inappropriate means. This technique is condemned by Google if often uses plagiarised, irrelevant content that stuffs highly searched keywords even if they do not make any sense to the content. 

The features of the black hat SEO technique are:

  • It is unethical and used with malicious intent.  
  • It does not add value to the experience of the visitor. 
  • It makes use of tactics to manipulate the Google algorithm and reach a higher ranking in a short period.
  • It gives a false projection of the value that the website adds to the lives of its visitors. 

Gray Hat SEO and its features 

The gray hat is a middle road wherein you are applying tactics that do not fall into the black hat category but are not completely ethical also. Some examples of gray hat strategy are:

  • One example of a gray hat is link building by submitting it to the directories.
  •  Creating doorway pages or microsites. 
  • Guest blogging for a website and leaving your links in the content.

There is a very fine line between all three strategies and if you are not sure if you are adhering to the guidelines, take expert help. If Google finds that you consistently indulging in black hat tactics or even gray for that matter, you could:

  • Get blacklisted, or
  • Get a penalty from Google, or
  • Get temporarily turned down. 

Eventually, the black hat tactics will find their place in the search engine because of constant improvements made by Google in its algorithms. Therefore, these tactics are short-lived and provide no revenue thereafter. 

Choosing ethical means does require efforts on an everyday basis but the efforts do pay off at the right time. The only thing that you need to do is consistently add content that could benefit the visitors of your website in one or more ways. A good user experience is the foundation of a good white hat strategy that will slowly, but surely make your way up in the competitive search engine world. 

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