Best Transactional SMS Service Providers

The transactional SMS is something that informs the user about a particular transaction. Usually, the banks, broking houses, financial institutions and many other such organizations go for this type of SMS services. The transactional SMS is therefore useful for a number of service providers and at the same time clients. The client gets regular information which can help him keep updated about his deal or account which can help him. The SMS service has nowadays got limited utility as the majority of the users to go for the use of various apps on the smartphones but due to such SMS one can keep updated.

Transactional SMS is being used for sending alert messages and are being widely explored due to their instant delivery and 24×7 availability. The transactional route of SMS is made especially for sending any urgent or alert message or Transactional SMS and OTPs to all registered users at the same time from your unique sender ID. You might get confused with Promotional and Transactional messages as many people thought they are same but instead they both are completely different from each other. Transactional messages are being used for sending any important update, alert or OTP anytime 24/7 while the promotional messages are used with the purpose of advertisements like coupons, newly opened shop or website, sale, offer, etc. and can be sent only from 9 am to 9 pm. 

In India the trend of transactional SMS is also increasing with the high rate as companies, government agencies, etc. are using them for sending any special update to lots of customers with a single click. There are lots of service providers who offer best transactional SMS service India, but before opting for any of them, you should be clear about the features and requirement of these SMS. 

Features of Transactional SMS 

As the demand for transactional SMS is increasing, there are some TRAI selected companies which are only allowed to provide this facility. There are lots of features being offered by transactional SMS: 

  1. Delivery of SMS: SMS can only be delivered if written within the predefined template approved from SGC.
  1. Set up Cost: It does not cost anything for setup, it is totally free.
  1. DND number: By using transactional services SMS can be sent on DND registered number.
  1. Sender ID: The approved person will be allocated a unique alpha-numeric sender ID
  1. Delivery time: There is no particular time for delivery of your SMS it is applicable 24×7
  1. Multiple SMS Gateway: All clients are assigned with this feature for good service.
  1. Gateway Options: Transactional SMS provide basically two gateways, High priority SMS gateway, and normal SMS gateway.

All transactional SMS provider in India gives timely and 100% delivery rate for their clients. For accessing this facility, one has to register with a firm which is authorized for transactional SMS delivery. It also allows you to send SMS on DND (do not disturb) registered customers while any other don’t provide this facility.

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