The Elegant Quadcopter Walkera QR X350 Pro

We find the appearance of this ready to fly quadcopter truly seductive in the right mix of black, red, and white colours. Having said that, we mean, you will love to own this quadcopter at the very first sight. The Walkera QR X350 Pro is an improved version of its earlier avatar though it doesn’t have an inbuilt camera. It means you have to buy a camera and set the same with this quadcopter keeping an eye for photography or the selfies. It has four prominent legs for standing on any ground and thus, it can easily land straight on the difficult terrains.


Key features of Walkera QR X350 Pro:

  • Powerful battery: This ready to fly quadcopter is equipped with 5200mAh 3S battery. It means this quadcopter has been provided with the three times more power than its earlier version. As a matter of fact, you will get to enjoy a satisfactory performance of this quadcopter during the flight much ahead of many quadcopters of its class. That’s the catch.    
  • Long flight time: It enjoys an average flight time of 21-25 minutes because of its powerful battery. The average charging time for the battery is approximately an hour. However, the charging time may vary to some extent based on the capacity of the power bank and the USB cable.
  • Smart drone and easy to carry: With an average size of 11.38x 11.38x 8.07-inch, this drone is small enough to be carried easily to places. The two axes gimbal of this drone equips it with the power of detecting the flight path and the camera orientation with a changing altitude, for instance.       
  • GPS enabled controller: This is yet another advantage of owning this drone. The controller of it is GPS enabled and thus, gives you a soothing experience while controlling this gadget during its flight.  
  • Flawless plastic body: It is ergonomically designed to undercut the competition and the wind pressure during its flight. The engineering is sound here. Having said that, we mean, you will have a smooth feeling of this gadget upon holding it in your hand or while working with it.
  • Commendable speed: You will be happy to know that this Walkera QR X350 Pro quadcopter can pick up a speed up to 45 miles per hour.

The best part is that this drone can carry a cargo up to 7-ounce that translates to approximately 200gm from one place to another.

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