Want To Sell iPhone 6S Plus- Here Is How To Do It?

The iPhone 6S Plus is a bigger and a feature-rich phablet version of the iPhone 6S that had garnered huge popularity when it was introduced in the market in the year 2015. It was probably the second smartphone to have a screen that measured 5.5 inches in the range of products available from Apple. It was a good improvisation of the previous iPhone 6 Plus with a boost in processing power and the new version iOS. If you have got this cool handset then it would surely be either in gold, silver, rose gold or grey.

Why Sell the iPhone 6S Plus?

Since the introduction of the iPhone 6S Plus in 2015, the other iPhones available from Apple have improved a lot making the iPhone 6S outdated. Therefore, if you still have this iPhone with you, it is high time that you think of selling it off for some good money so that you can use this money for getting a new model of iPhone available in the market. Some tips of sell my iPhone 6S Plus can help you in the long run.

Tips on Selling iPhone 6S Plus

So you have already ordered a new model of the iPhone but the problem is that you still have the older iPhone 6S Plus with you. the other problem is that you have paid quite a lot for the iPhone 6S Plus. The solution to these problems would be selling off the older version for subsidising the new model. Here are some tips that can help you in getting rid of your iPhone 6S Plus in the most profitable manner.

Do It Immediately

If you are one of those individuals wondering how to sell my iPhone 6S Plus then the very first thing that you need to do is be strong with your commitment. This means that if you have made up your mind to sell it off then make sure that you do this before your set gets worse. Do not waste your time. This is because newer and upgraded models of the Apple iPhone are constantly being launched in the market. This would make your older iPhone unworthy of the amount that you might be thinking of getting out of its sale.

It is also worth noting that the value of the older versions keeps coming down with the newer versions of iPhones introduced in the market. Therefore, make things work for you when there is still time in your hand.

Factors to consider Prior to the Sale

Whether you are selling your iPhone 6S Plus to an independent buyer or an online buyer, there are a number of factors that you need to consider in order to ensure that the data in your iPhone is absolutely safe. The very first thing that you need to do is backing up your iPhone. Back up all your important data including photos, contact, applications and videos. You can do this by using the iCloud service of Apple. However, you have also got the option of using a third-party cloud storage service.

Turning off your iPhone and singing out of all the connected accounts, services and applications are also important if you want to keep your data safe when trying to sell my iPhone 6S Plus.

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