Where Do I Get World Of Warcraft Battle Of Azeroth CD Key?

Battle of Azeroth, the much-anticipated game of the WOW or “World of Warcraft” massively multiplayer online gaming series, is all set to make its big release on September 21, 2018. The game keys can be purchased now on Gamivo, one of the best and leading websites in the UK and the world that offers latest and comprehensive range of games at the most affordable and best price.

What’s new in next game serie?

Battle of Azeroth has six new breeds, 2 new continents, and multiple battlefields that are entirely thrilling. These would be experienced for the first time as the last game of the series, viz.  “Legion” did not have them. One of the new continents is Kul Tiras, a marine continent that is also the home of the Proudmoore. You will be facing the sea pirates, witches and many new opponent and adversaries in this next level of the game that still has something common with “Legion”, the earlier version of the Game series. Those who choose Horde would be travelling to Zandalar, another new continent which would give the necessary recruits for the new adventure. Here the adversaries range from the gigantic dinosaurs to the blood worshipers.

The conflict of the epic Warcraft saga gets reignited in this new game of the series by the name Battle of Azeroth. The heroes of the game set out on new journeys to get new recruits and new allies and fight to the new and precious resources in the form of mineral Azurite. The 2 sides fight this game on multiple thrilling and exciting new fronts to decide who will lead Azeroth in the future and will control its vast resources.

Buy Battle-of-Azeroth CD game keys at Gamivo?

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Whether you want to play your game on your Mac or Windows PC, Gamivo has just the right kind of digital key combinations for you. The hassle-free downloads, retrieval/upgrade, and play process start through a single click of the mouse. Hence you do not need to venture in the dark when you actually try to play the game on the given date of release.

The first game in the world of Warcraft game series was released in the year 2004. Some of the expansions or games of this game series include the Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, and the still to be released “Battle for Azeroth”.

This game series holds the Guinness Book of World Record of being the most popular multiplayer game. The game has more than hundred million accounts, and the latest game of the series will certainly bring in a number of players.

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