The Most Effective Tactics To Beat Minecraft

Since its launch in 2009, Minecraft has been in business despite using the basic graphics. Having said that, we mean, millions of people especially the kids have played the game that is an independent computer game and runs fine on multiple platforms such as the Windows, PlayStation, and smartphones. In other words, Minecraft has been immensely popular over the years and it is user-friendly with its custom designs. On top of it, you get a lot of tutorials as well the opportunity to download the game from authentic sources like It further connotes that the creators of this game have made all that available to you that you need for playing it to your heart’s content.

While playing the game, it is also important to defeat the dragons out there. Having said that, we mean, it’s not sufficient to learn the tricks of hiding in shelters with a view to remaining safe from the fearsome creatures there. You must also learn how to beat those and score high so as to keep your interest and involvement in the game. It means you must learn the strategy that would help you take charge of a situation or two befitting your situation in a game. But, the beast The Ender Dragon is a mighty force there to be tackled carefully. As such, we have presented our thoughts here that would help you make yourself ready for a fight with the mighty beasts in Minecraft.

  • Armour:

    The armory of a soldier plays a pivotal role in his success to beat or kill the enemy in any real-life battle. This is not an exception here. Having said that, we mean, you must be well prepared with weapons to destroy the deadliest and powerful beast The Ender Dragon and the Ender Crystal here. Iron boots, chest plate with Protection IV, Feather Falling, and Pumpkin, for instance, will help you in your fight against the beasts here.

The reason for recommending a pumpkin in the place of a helmet is that it will help you confusing the opponent (the Endermen). Thus, you will have the advantage of attacking the opponent under a veil. However, you also carry a risk of damaging yourself faster here compared to a helmet with the blurring eyes. But, a pumpkin helps for sure here as found by the gamer around the world. Besides, you should also make an effective use of your secondary weapons such as the bow and sword as it would inflict damages to the dragons, at least during its portal hovering state. In other words, despite being weak weapons, this bow and sword can actually be beneficial to you depending on your ability to use those to your advantage. Sites like can do some hand-holding here.

  • Potion: Hurting yourself in a fight is common. Having said that, we mean, you too can be hurt here. Therefore, learn to use splash potions effectively for a quick recovery and getting back to a fight with a full vigor.

The best part is that the game is still evolving in view of its uniqueness and popularity all over the world. To keep a track of it, keep visiting sites like and stay updated here.

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